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Hello, everyone! My name is Same, I’m a follower of food and travel.

My travel philosophy is that if everything is okay, tired the most straightforward ways that, fortnight when you’ve penetrated, you’ve already forgotten all regarding everything. However the journeys wherever everything goes wrong,

And my love regarding food is such an issue that hard to explain I’ve ever gained eighty kilos weight once I was only twelve years previous. As a result of I favour to eat sweets like cake, candy and frozen dessert. But, then I try best to decrease my weight. And currently, my weight is right although, I still love food as a result of food is my passion; therefore once I am in college I take baking major to complement my mind regarding food data. And that I have a dream to form my very own shop.

those square measure the one you’re about to miss;
those wherever you stop at the field as a result of the sensing element continues to ring;
those wherever you discover an edifice that appears to own been bombed and ne’er gets restored;
those square measure the journeys you’ll bear in mind forever, and when years those square measure those that may cause you to laugh aloud.

So I hope that these pages may be a helpful guide for all those, UN agency like me, like to like better to avoid the roads that square measure typically urged by blogs or holidaymaker guides, that lead folks to pay during a week what I’m about to pay during a month. Still, as several alternative tips and tricks to hack your life. Conjointly I will be able to share my secret recipes in baking for once in a fortnight.